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Massage Services 

Prima Capelli Salon in Butler offers 8 different types of massage.

Massage can do more than just relax you. When done properly, massage can help relieve pain--whether it's chronic or recently developed.

swedish massage

A light massage that enhances relaxation. These gentle movements are not intended to treat pain or injury.

30 minutes 35
60 minutes 50
90 minutes 70
Senior Citizen 30 minutes 30
Senior Citizen 60 minutes 45

therapeutic massage

Uses Swedish techniques to promote relaxation and release tight, knotted muscles. This massage may also be used as a treatment for problem areas.

30 minutes 45
60 minutes 60
90 minutes 80

deep-tissue massage

A focus on sculpting out tension in deep, skeletal muscles.

60 minutes 65
90 minutes 90


Relaxology combines the benefits of multiple alternative healing techniques in a simple, yet highly effective method of increasing overall health, well being and reducing stress. This is gentle and safe for chemo patients.

60 minutes 50

hot stone massage

Promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body.

60 minutes 70
*90 minutes with Essential Oils 90
*detoxes the body, provides relaxation and relaxes sore muscles.

maternity massage

Specifically designed to relax and refresh the soon-to-be mother. This massage improves circulation of the legs and provides lower-back relief.

60 minutes 60
90 minutes 80

raindrop technique (young living)

The Raindrop Technique is a remarkable, noninvasive application of essential oils for spinal health and also promotes healing from within.

60 minutes 80

manual lymphatic drainage

Light, slow, strategic strokes to optimize the body's drainage of lymphatic fluid. It helps boost the body's immune response and increases circulation.

30 minutes 25
60 minutes 50
90 minutes 70

NOTE: Clients 16 and older can have a massage alone but must have parental consent for said massage.

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